I can build your business an app that will give you ...

Better engagement with customers, improved service to them, more loyalty from them and almost certainly better sales.

len-portrait01I build apps for small kiwi businesses to give to their customers. Clever, focused, uncluttered, affordable apps. That do all of the above. My name is Len McGrane. 

"App notifications have twice the ROI of email, and that's a fact."

Push notifications from apps are opened between 47% and 80% of the time. Email is much less. For example, email from a restaurant or retail shop is only opened 24% of the time! If every customer who opens a message is worth $1 and you have 100 on your list and send an offer by email, you will earn $25. If you send that offer as a notification from your app, you'll earn $50. TWICE AS MUCH.

Are your best customers slipping away from you?

By December, 33% of kiwi businesses will have an app. Because customers want the convenience of apps. And because some of your competitors have figured out how to use apps to push up customer loyalty and get more engagement with buyers. (Which usually means more sales.)
If you plan to get an app "later", will your customers drift into the hands of other businesses which can give them an app right now? Find out with a quick informal survey of the people buying from you. They'll tell you if you need to bring forward your plans to get an app for them.
And by the way, by December NEXT year that number will be nearer to 50%!
(This is reliable US research data and it will almost certainly be indicative of New Zealand.)

Contact Len McGrane

I live and work here, in beautiful Christchurch.
PHONE 021 028 78455
EMAIL len@app150.co.nz