Selling stuff? Supporting mentors?


Selling? Your customers spend 80 percent of the time on their phones on apps. Not “surfing the web”. That means your best customers WANT to do business with you on an app. Give them an app that makes it easier to do business with you … and they will massively reward you with “Likes” on social media and glowing word-of-mouth advertising. Which should push sales up.

Supporting mentors? Give a specially developed app to your mentors …. and you’ll get better reporting from them and be able to give better support to them.

Because a mobile app will always give sales or mentor directors four things:

  • better engagement with the people being reached
  • improved service to them
  • more loyalty from them
  • better outcomes all ’round


My name is Len McGrane. I build apps for small kiwi businesses and nimble organisations which work through a network of trained mentors.

These apps are clever, focused, uncluttered, affordable apps. And they do all of the above. They are affordable because they’re built on a huge app platform that has seen over 500,000 apps launched.

Give me a call and let’s talk about your sales, or your mentoring. (Did you see the word “affordable” in that previous sentence?)

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“App notifications have twice the ROI of email.”


Push notifications from apps are opened between 47% and 80% of the time. Email is much less.

For example, email from a restaurant or retail shop is only opened 24% of the time!

SO …

If every customer who opens a message is worth $1 and you have 100 on your list and send an offer by email, you will earn $25.

However, if you send that offer as a notification from your app, you’ll earn $50. TWICE AS MUCH.

Are your best customers slipping away from you?


By December, it’s likely over 50% of small kiwi businesses will have an app or be actively preparing to build one.

Because they have seen that customer satisfaction goes up when buyers have an app in their hands. An app can make buying and transacting SO MUCH easier and more pleasant.

Current research shows small business owners get two things from an app that simply solves a customer problem:

  1. likes and reports on social media
  2. happy customers

If you plan to get an app “later”, will your customers drift into the hands of other businesses which can give them an app right now? Find out with a quick informal survey of the people buying from you. They’ll tell you if you need to bring forward your plans to get an app for them.

And by the way, that 50% is based on reliable US research data from Clutch, which will almost certainly be indicative of New Zealand.

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