Being in touch. Better

It’s all about clear messages delivered well

Jacinda Adern and Ashley Bloomfield proved that.

We all remember the clarity of their daily appearances. What we needed to know was in one easy-to-find place at 1pm each day.

The Covid lesson

And you?

  • You’re a small Kiwi organisation doing good work and making a difference?
  • Thinking about how you’ll operate post-Covid?

Then I would guess you’re keeping an eye on five things:

  1. training
  2. communicaitons
  3. reporting
  4. tech
  5. funding

A high quality, low cost, smart mobile phone app can help you on the first four. Because it will collect them in one place — a phone screen.

In touch with your people better

Right now your channels and resources are probably scattered over emails systems, social media platforms, websites, bookshelves and so on.

An app can assemble them within easy reach in one place. With a simple tap, your messages and resources are effortlessly scrolling down a phone screen.

Your audience wants that. Your training, communicating and reporting will improve, both during Level One and after we get a vaccine.

How I can help you

The lockdown showed us Kiwis can work extremely well “online”. Is this the time to leverage that for your organisation with a mobile phone app developed specifically for you?

My name is Len McGrane. I build apps for nimble organisations which work through networks of trained teams and mentors. 

Industry-standard & affordable

I’ll give you an app that’s clever, focused, uncluttered and affordable. 

It’ll help you communicate with your people easily quickly, clearly and efficiently. At a price that will have even your accountant smiling.

I invite you to give me a call. Pick up the phone or send me a text.

Let’s talk about your goals and your people. You’ll find me easy to talk with, and the apps I can build for you unmatchable for quality and cost.